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Welcome on the PA7N site!

Hello, my name is Erwin and this site is about amateur radio. I am a ham radio amateur since 1985!

My QTH is Nes near Akkrum/Leeuwarden. The province Friesland in the north of the Netherlands. My locator is JO23wb. Things I like in amateur radio: HF, QRP, QRP-kits, CW, antennas, antenna tuners, homebrew, microcontrolers, software development, Linux, 6 meter DX, Software Defined Radio, DSP, old tube transmitters, SOTA (Summits On The Air) and being /P or /MM. My main transceiver is a Yaesu FT-450D but i'm also using the QRP FT-817nd a lot. I have a 2 x 7m dipole antenna on the roof. I use a DX wire fibreglass pole to create a vertical antenna for 40m and higher bands. I like experimenting with antenna's.

Please do leave a message in the guestbook or send me an e-mail. My email address erwin (at) pa7n (dot) nl.

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Antarctica 13778 km !
Digital modes - Wednesday 9 November 2016 22:57
I just made a contact with RI1AND in Antarctica! On the 30m band in JT65 mode. That is a distance of 13778 km!

I used 25 Watt and a 2 x 7 m dipole at 6m above ground. The band seems dead but with JT65, signals can be seen in the waterfall screen and can be decoded. This is so amazing! :-)

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