CQ M contest and testing half wave vertical on 20m

Antenna - Sunday 9 May 2010 00:29
This weekend there was the CQ-M contest. And that is A nice opportunity to test my half wave end feed vertical antenna for the 20m band. With only 5 Watt I made a lot of CW contacts. Most of them went very smooth. The vertical outperformed the 2 x 18m dipole on most of the QSO's.

The big advantage of A half wave vertical is that it doesn't need A lot of ground radials as the quarter wave vertical does need.
By: Erwin PA7N | Permalink | 1 comment


Bert PA1B

Sunday 9 January 2011 16:33
Hi Erwin,
Ja, dat is verbazingwekkend dat vertikaal het zo goed doet.
Ik heb eens op vakantie ('94) mijn in het midden, via een lint gevoede, 2x5 mtr vertikaal opgehangen. Op 20 mtr haalde je makkelijker de DX binnen. (USA in dit geval)
73, Bert