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Flying Pig Rig

QRP - Wednesday 20 January 2016 13:04
Finally I finished building the "Flying Pig Rig" after being in a drawer for years. A 40m 5 Watt CW transceiver kit from Kits and Parts dot com!

It's a single frequency QRP CW transceiver that will fit into a small box. It is lightweight and very power economic. It receives and transmits on 7030.7 kHz. The Flying Pig Rig has a build in keyer. I will use it with my LiPo batteries. With 12.3 volt the output power is 4 Watts! It draws 25mA on receive and 630mA on transmit. Compare that for example to the Yeasu FT-817nd which will draw 300mA on receive and 1.9A on transmit!

I plan to use this QRP rig on some SOTA activations later this year.

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By: Erwin PA7N | Permalink | 1 comment


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Friday 12 February 2016 10:02
hallo Erwin
thanks for call on 7MHz yesturday..
Your signal was pretty good about 579, via instrunent, and fully readable ewen in QRM...

please , what is your equipment you used in our conntact ???
73de 9a2ki ico
here 100W Dipole up 20m