Activation summit F/VO-073 Le Haut Koenisbourg 733m

Summits On The Air - maandag 15 augustus 2016 15:20
The first summit in France this year. I went here by bicycle. 16km from the camp site. Climbing the last 8km to the top. Climbing about 500m in altitude.

Because of the terrorist threat and the chatteau attracts a lot of tourists, there were some military police with heavy automatic guns checking everyone's bags. I didn't come for the Chatteau on the summit so they didn't check my backpack with all the wires, batteries and electronic stuff what just might be A home brew explosive. (with some imagination). The 10m fibre mast looks like A riffle! But all went well.

Not many QSO's because after 15 minutes it started to rain. Also my internet connection didn't work so I could not spot my self on sotawatch. But after this activation I figured out how to spot via SMS.

QSO's logged
Date: 04-08-2016
Summit: F/VO-073
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